Cancelling your account will disable all functionality and permanently delete your data:

Note: Only the account owner has access and permission to cancel the account.

Cancel your account

Should you wish to cancel your account, the account owner can log in and go to the change plan page by navigating to My Account (1) and selecting Change/cancel plan (2).

Select Cancel account from the bottom left of the change plan page.

You will be prompted to confirm cancelling the account if you wish to proceed. Take note of the details regarding cancelling your account. 

Note: cancelling an account is permanent and you cannot undo cancelling. 

Abort the cancel request

If you no longer wish to cancel your account,  the account owner can log in and navigate to the "Change plan" page. From the bottom left corner, choose "Cancel cancellation request".

Once you've confirmed that you do not wish to cancel the account, the cancellation request will be removed and the subscription will renew at the end of the billing period.