Users subscribed to Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans can mark fields in a form as sensitive to anonymise sensitive data.

Marking fields as sensitive will hide the responses to these fields i.e. responses to fields marked as sensitive will not be visible in the grid, internal reports or data exports.  Only users with the permission to "View data marked as sensitive", will be able to view and access the data for these fields.

Note that data for fields marked as sensitive will not be visible in public published reports, regardless of permissions. Sensitive fields will always be hidden from public published reports.

Mark a field as sensitive

To mark a field a sensitive, navigate to the field and open the Advanced tab (1). Tick the check box to mark the field as sensitive (2). Any field can be marked as 'Sensitive' and will be indicated by the sensitive field icon in the top right corner of the field. Note that fields are not flagged as sensitive by default. 

Users with the permission to design forms will be able to mark fields as sensitive. 

View sensitive fields

Submissions containing fields that are marked as sensitive are indicated in the analytics grid as shown below. Users who do not have the permission to view sensitive data cannot view or edit submissions that contain sensitive fields.

Note: sensitive data will still be included in webhooks.

Any responses submitted before a field is marked as sensitive will still be visible in the grid, exports and reports. Responses submitted once a field has been marked as sensitive, will no be visible without the relevant permission.

Note that submission details (i.e. meta data of the submission) such as language, start, end and received times, location, submission version etc.) cannot be marked as sensitive. 

Tip: visit our help article on how to disable background GPS capture for forms to disable capturing location as part of the submission details. 

Note when using embedded forms with sensitive fields

Fields from an embedded (child) form can be pulled through to and accessed in the main (parent) form. These fields can be selected from the Get fields tab of the embedded form field. These fields will be available and visible in the form (by referencing the fields) and in the data set (Grid, exports etc.) of the parent form, regardless of whether they are marked as sensitive in the embedded (child) form. Get fields cannot be marked as sensitive in the main (parent) form.