When a form is published, it is given a version number. The first time the form is published, it is marked as version 1. Each time the form is published, the version number increments automatically.

Form version management is critical to data integrity and allows you to view a submission in the exact version that the form was submitted in.

Changes can be made to a published form without affecting the version that fieldworkers may already be using in the field. Each time you make a change to a form, the number of "unpublished changes" (displayed in the toolbar in the Form Designer) increments. These changes are saved automatically.  When you are ready for these changes to be made live, select "Publish changes". A new version of the form will be published (e.g. version 2). The new version (and the changes) downloads automatically to any assigned fieldworkers and a notification is sent to each assigned fieldworker.

Users, with form design permissions, can view and revert all form edits since the previous published version (i.e. rollback all unpublished changes). 

Note: viewing version history and reverting changes are only available on paid plans.

Simply click on "Unpublished changes" (1) from the tool bar to view the changes since the last published version.

From here you can view details of individual changes by selecting the change (2). Select "Revert all unpublished changes" (3) to undo the changes.  The unpublished changes count will go back to 0 and the form will be reverted to the previous published version of the form.

Note: Reverting all the changes cannot be undone.

Switch to view details about published versions (4) of your form including "Published date" and "Published by". Published version information can also be accessed by selecting the published version (5) from the toolbar below the form title.

Making and publishing changes to your form will not backdate previously published versions of the form. Changes only take effect on the new published version and subsequent versions. For example, if a new field is added to version 1 of the form and published (version 2), the new field will only be added to the new published version (version 2) and not previous versions of the form. Any submissions completed and uploaded on version 1 of the form will not include the new field. Only submissions for version 2 and subsequent versions will include the new field. This is important to remember when viewing and editing submissions.

The form version that was submitted can be seen in the analytics grid as part of the submission details.