During periods of non-activity, you may want to consider Parking the account. This would allow you to keep all your data/forms/handsets etc. at a fraction of the cost when not using the system for data collection. 

This article covers the following topics:

Terms regarding parking

Please note the following when an account is parked:

  • Parking takes effect on the next renewal date of your subscription (i.e. once the current billing cycle on the paid plan completes).
  • Whilst parked, you do not have access to your forms or data. When you reactivate the account in the future, all your forms and data will be there and you can continue from where you left off. 
  • The Mobenzi mobile app will stop working and your field team will no longer be able to capture data.

  • Links to web forms will be disabled and web collection will no longer be possible for any forms.

  • API access will not be supported while the account is parked.
  • You can return to an active paid plan at any point while parked. Pro-rata amount charged for unused parking to be credited on the invoice generated when the account is unparked.
  • The parked subscription will continue to renew monthly, until you choose to unpark or cancel the subscription.
  • No support is provided to accounts that are parked.

You are welcome to read more about parking in our terms of service (point 12.2).

Parking fees per subscription (monthly)

Subscription ZAR (ex VAT)Parking fee per expansion pack (ZAR ex VAT)USDParking fee per expansion pack (USD)
Essential R 300-$ 20-
StandardR 600+ R 300$ 40+ $ 20
PremiumR 1 500+ R 300$ 100+ $ 20
EnterpriseR 3 000+ R 1 50$ 200+ $ 10

Parking your account

Request to park your account

From the account overview page, navigate to the change your plan page (1) and choose Park account (2) from the bottom left corner.

You will be prompted to update your billing details and confirm the parking. 

Parking will be scheduled for the end of the current billing cycle. A banner at the top of the page will indicate the date for when parking has been scheduled.

Cancel parking request

You can cancel the parking request at any time before the account account is parked by logging in to the account and selecting "Cancel parking request" from the change plan page.


Parked account

When an account is parked, the mobile app and web forms will no longer work. A message will be displayed on the app and when opening a web form (as seen in the images below) and date collectors will not be able to capture data until the account is unparked.

When an account is parked, only the account owner will be able to log in to the account to unpark the account. Other users (administrators and workspaces users) will not be able to log on to the account. 

Unpark account

You can reactive a parked account at any time by logging in to the account and selecting "Unpark account" from the bottom left on the change plan page.

You will be prompted to confirm unparking and update any billing details. Unparking takes effect immediately.

When an account is unparked, the mobile app and web forms will reactivate and data collectors con resume data collection with the same links/forms.

Park/unpark account with Lockdown

If Lockdown has been added and enabled on your account, it will automatically be removed when the account is parked - i.e. Lockdown is not activated or charged on parked accounts.

When the account is unparked at a later stage, the account owner will need to add Lockdown on the account again in order to manage lockdown for the handset on the account.