Hidden fields are not displayed during data collection (via mobile app or web collection) or preview, but is included the analytics grid, when viewing/editing submissions and in the data export. It is also visible in the print form view. 

Hidden fields can be very useful for including custom meta values in captured data and for handling data cleaning workflows (reviews and quality checks) for example. The field can be given a default value (if supported by the relevant field type) which can be updated when editing the submission. Hidden fields can also be edited via the API.

Open the "Advanced" tab of the field you would like to hide and check the box to hide the field during data collection. Simply untick the box to show the field during data collection. 

The "eye" icon to the right of the field indicates that the field is hidden.

Tip: Select the Preview button from the toolbar to test your form and see how it will be displayed when using the mobile app.

Users the with the correct permissions can review the submissions in the analytics grid and edit the stored value as needed. Changes are saved and logged, along with a comment on the reason for the change. This allows an audit trail to be maintained automatically.

Filter based on the hidden fields to set up reports to list submissions that need to be reviewed or that have been checked for example.