Existing fields, groups and pages can be duplicated within the form and copied from one form to another. 

Duplicating a field/group/page

You can duplicate existing fields in your form by clicking on the 'Duplicate' icon on the right of the field, group or page you wish to duplicate. Duplicating a field adds an exact copy of the field/ group/ page (including answer format, validation, skip logic, default values, hint text, translations and fields in the group or page) directly below the original field/group/page.

Copy a field, group or page from one form to another

Step 1:

Copy your field/group/page to the clipboard. Simply hold Shift and click the duplicate icon to copy the the page/ group/ field to your clipboard.

When a field/group/page is copied, a quick notification will confirm that the field/group/page has successfully been copied to the clipboard.

Step 2:

Paste your field/group/page. Go to the destination form and select to add a new field/ group. Select to paste your group/field from the clipboard. An exact copy of the field/ group (including answer format, validation, skip logic, default values, hint text, translations) will be added.

Or, select "Paste page" to paste your your page from the clipboard. An exact copy of the page (including all fields and groups on the page) will be added directly below the last page.

  • When duplicating or pasting from the clipboard each page/group/field's name is unique. For example page name "demographics" will be copied as "demographics_copy_1". Ensure that all field/group/page names are checked and updated before publishing.
  • The field/ group/ page will be an exact copy of the original, including skip logic, validation, references, translations and resources. Any skip logic, validation or references based on fields, groups or pages that are not in the destination form will need to be updated in order for them to work correctly. 
  • References to resources not present in the destination form's project library will not work. These resources need to be uploaded to the destination project's resource library. 

Tip: Select the Preview button from the toolbar to test your form to ensure it works as expected and to see how it will be displayed once published.