In addition to exporting your data in either Excel, CSV or Stat/Transfer format, you can choose to export the media (i.e. all images, audio, video and signature fields) captured in your form. When exporting media, a zip file is created containing a separate file for each media resource captured.

To export the media captured in your form, go to the Analyse tab of the form and (optionally) use filters to limit the export to only the submissions you are interested in (e.g. filter by date, fieldworker or other criteria). 

Select the Export (1) tab and choose Media (2).

When exporting media, you will be asked to confirm your email address and a secure link to download your export file will be sent to you. Depending on the size of the export and during peak times, it may take several minutes or longer before you receive the email containing the link to download the export file. 

Please wait until you have received the email with the download link before requesting further exports.

Please note:

  • You must use the email address that is linked to your Mobenzi account when prompted to enter your email address.

  • Other users will not be able to use the download link emailed to you as it is linked to your Mobenzi credentials. Do not forward the email you receive to other users.
  • The download link received in the email will expire on a date specified in the email (48 hours). If the link has expired, a new export will need to be requested.

Files will use the following naming convention when exported: {submission ID}_{field name}.{file type} 

For example:

  • Image: 8e043a6e-33e4-4cfc-9d88-262d7ea8a4b1_HH_image.jpg
  • Signature: cfb422c7-c3bb-439d-a210-e6280035f694_participant_signature.png
  • Audio: 892fec60-bcd2-45f6-b844-e838a69ba45f_VerbalConsent.amr

Each media field captured in a repeating group will be exported separately and the repeat instance will be appended to the filename as follows: {submission ID}_{field name}_{repeat instance}.{file type} 

For example: 

  • cba19f70-d048-4694-9f3e-a243f8859b10_Image_field_1.jpg 
  • cba19f70-d048-4694-9f3e-a243f8859b10_Image_field_2.jpg