Over the past few months, we've developed free COVID-19 toolkits for various types of organisations to assist with business continuity. As an Account Owner, you can activate the toolkit that is most relevant to your organisation by clicking on the "COVID-19 Response" icon at the top right of the screen once you've logged in. Depending on the toolkit you choose, a new project will be added to your account containing several form templates that you can use or customise. This project won't count toward your plan limits and you can use the toolkit for up to 10,000 form submissions per month - even if you're on the free Community plan.

In this release we've also rolled out some great new features for choice field types and forms enabled for web collection

Use a file to dynamically generate option lists

Instead of manually specifying each option in a select one/many or cascading select field, with this feature you can now pull the options from a file within your project resource library. This is really useful when your option list is really long (in this case we also recommend you make the option list searchable).

Another advantage of using a file for an option list is that you can reference the same file in any form in the same project - so you only need to change the list in one place; any fields that reference the same file update instantly. Examples of where this could be applicable might include: re-using common lookup tables (e.g. a country or city list), referencing pre-existing data sets that need to be shared across forms (e.g. an enrolled participants list in a follow-up form), and lists that change frequently.

To use the feature, choose "Get options from a source file" when configuring the option list. Pick the CSV file that contains the data you want to use for the option list, and the columns you'd like to use for the option label (text) and value. From the "Advanced" tab, you can make the list searchable if your file contains a lot of data.


If you are using a cascading select field, you can use a CSV file that follows a certain format and select the option label (text) and value for each level. Click on the icon next to the "Source file" drop-down to download a template.

Allow respondents to pre-fill a form with their recent responses

If you are using web collection to gather data from the same respondents on a regular basis, you can now enable a respondent to save their answers to the fields you specify after submitting the form. Should the respondent choose to save their responses, they can re-use them should they ever need to complete the form again. This can speed up data entry significantly for information which doesn't change often (e.g. respondent demographics). Read more on pre-filling responses.

Improved language selection for web collection

A small, but useful improvement included in this release is that when a web form that is available in multiple languages is opened, the respondent is immediately prompted to select their preferred language.

Although this improvement means respondents don't need to know about the menu at the top right of the form to switch languages, they can still do so at any point using the languages sub-menu. None of their responses are lost when switching languages.