When using web collection, it is possible to allow a respondent to save their responses and re-use them when filling out the same form on the same web browser in future. 

This can streamline form completion and minimise respondent fatigue when the same form is completed often. For example, pre-filling the respondent's name and contact information when they are required to complete a daily screening or attendance form. If a respondent elects to save and re-use their previous responses, they can still review and edit/update their answers, but their previous responses are used as the default values for each field that you have enabled for pre-filling.

Note: if the respondent chooses to save their responses, they are stored temporarily within their web browser. Any saved data will be removed if the respondent clears their browser cache.

Enable pre-filling for a field

Individual fields can be selected for pre-filling. This allows you to decide which fields can be pre-filled. 

In the form designer, select a field that you wish to enable for pre-filling by opening the Advanced tab for the field and check the option "Allow pre-fill from saved responses?". Repeat the process for any field you want to enable for pre-filling. 

Saving responses

If any fields in a form have been enabled for pre-filling, when a respondent submits the form, they will be prompted to save their responses - this will only save responses to fields that have been enabled for pre-filling. The respondent is able to decide whether to save their responses or not.

Note: It is not recommended to save responses when using a shared or public device.

Pre-filling the form from saved responses

If the form is re-opened on the same web browser at a later stage (and the respondent chose to save their responses), they will be prompted to pre-fill the form using their last saved responses. The respondent can choose to pre-fill the form or start with a blank form. 

A respondent who wants to remove all their previously saved responses can also choose to 'Clear all saved responses'. This will remove their stored responses. Re-opening the same form on the same web browser will not prompt them to pre-fill their responses (unless the decide to save their responses again).

Note: Resuming incomplete web submissions is covered in our article on Web Collection Settings.