This example will explain how to include responses (such as a participant name) from a response to a field in a repeating group, in another repeating group later in your form.

For example:

In the first repeating group might register household members. Later in your form, you might want to capture additional information like health status or education for a specific household member. To do this the =indexed-repeat() function can be used.

1. Add a repeating group and change the field name e.g HH_members

  • Add fields to your group e.g Enter household member's name (let's call it name)
  • Add repeat-index() to track the iteration of the repeat (i.e the first, second, third etc. repeat in the group)

2. Add a second repeating group to your form and change the field name e.g health_group

  • Add fields to your group e.g Rate member's health (change field name e.g member_health)
  • To reference the member's name from the previous group of registered household members, use the indexed-repeat() function as follow: indexed-repeat($name, $HH_members, repeat-index( )) 
    • where $name is the field you want to reference, 
    • $HH_members is the previous repeating group that contains the field you wish to reference, 
    • repeat-index() is the iteration of the repeating group (i.e the first, second, third etc. repeat)

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