You can configure the way options are displayed for select fields. Select to display options vertically (default), horizontally or in a searchable drop-down list. 

To configure the appearance of the option list, open the 'Advanced settings' tab(1) of the select field and choose the between the following display settings:

Vertical option list

This is the default display for option lists in select fields. Response options are listed vertically.

Choose to show or hide the radio buttons / checkboxes for the listed options. 

Horizontal option list

Response options are listed horizontally. You can select the number of columns to display the options.


Choose to show or hide the radio buttons / check boxes for the listed options when displayed horizontally.

Searchable option list 

Note: The searchable option list is only available for select one field types.

Select 'Searchable option list' (2)  from the 'Advanced settings' tab(1) to allow respondents to search for an option from a drop-down list. Respondents can start typing in the search bar to search for an option in the drop-down list

Tip: Use the Preview function to view what the form will look like on the fieldworker's handset.