In this release we've rolled out the ability to capture forms using any modern web browser for subscribers to our Standard plan (or above) using the latest version of our tools.

With this new feature, you can send surveys and questionnaires directly to respondents to complete using their own web browser. Forms are responsive and mobile-friendly meaning respondents can complete the form wherever they are via their mobile device. Forms can be embedded on your website or shared as a link via email, SMS, instant messaging or social media.

Web collection can also be used to back-capture data from paper records or to digitise your organisation's data processing. Access to forms can be shared securely via a URL, embedded within your organisation's intranet or integrated into an existing web application.

Just like forms captured using our Android mobile app, web forms can also upload and display media including images, audio and video. They can leverage the same advanced logic, validation and ability to capture repeating data. A respondent's signature and location (if permitted) can also be captured. Web forms can be deployed in multiple languages and the respondent can switch between the available languages.

If you would like to see web forms in action, we've created a few basic examples. Get started with web collection in just a few clicks.