In this release, we've rolled out a number of bug fixes and many performance enhancements under the hood. But we've also included some great improvements to skip logic.

Improvements to skip logic

Since the launch of our new form designer and mobile app several months ago, you've been able to apply skip logic to individual fields and groups. With this release, we've now also added the ability to apply skip logic to an entire page as well. This makes it really straightforward to skip large parts of your form - for instance, if consent is withheld by a respondent at the beginning of the interview, or eligibility criteria are not met.

Another improvement when configuring skip logic (be it for fields, groups or now page), is that only applicable fields preceding the page are listed (instead of all fields in the form as was previously the case). This will help you avoid picking an incorrect field by accident or making a non-sensical selection by choosing a field that only appears on or after the page you are wishing to skip.