In this release, we've rolled out two major new features for our next generation tools we released in May. If you aren't yet using the new tools yet, make sure you try them when creating your next project!

Embedding media resources into a form

Ever wanted to show a photo or video to a fieldworker to help explain a question, instruction or concept? Or perhaps you wanted to include an audio clip to assist illiterate respondents? With this new feature, you can now embed images, animations, video and audio files directly into your forms. You can even have different media for each language version of your form. The possibilities are endless.

To add media to a form, simply upload your files to your project resource library and then reference them in a form - just like you would a field. The Mobenzi app will automatically download and store media locally so files load instantly and fieldworkers can continue to work offline, without incurring any costs after the files have downloaded initially.

Please note that fieldworkers will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Gateway Android app to access media resources that have been embedded into a form.

Importing and exporting XForms

The XForms standard is supported by a number of mobile data collection tools that you might have used in the past - including ODK. With this release, if you have existing forms that were created using another tool that uses the XForms standard, you can now import them into your Mobenzi account - saving you hours of setup time! You can then use our powerful, drag-and-drop form designer to modify and publish the form to your field team via our mobile app or, if you have a paid plan, export your form again and utilise the mobile app of your choice to capture data.