XLSFormThis article describes how you can import forms into your Mobenzi project, or export forms you have created in the Mobenzi designer as XForms or XLSForms.

Importing Forms

If you have created forms in other applications but now want to use them in your Mobenzi project, you can easily import these forms if they are in standard XForm or XLSForm format. This feature is available to all plans (including Community plans).

If your form is in XLSFormat, you can import it directly into the Mobenzi designer, or you can make use of a free online tools (see here for an example) available to convert it to XForm format which you can then import into the Mobenzi designer.

Note: There are many ways to implement forms within the XForms and XLSForm standard. Although we attempt to cater for as many variations as possible, we cannot guarantee that all elements of a form created by an external system will be imported correctly. It is therefore very important that you review each element of your imported form using the preview functionality to ensure that it looks and is working as expected, and adjust it as necessary.

To import your form, open the quick-switch menu and select '+ New Form'. You can also select the '+ New Form' button from the Dashboard. 

From the pop-up, select 'Import formand click 'Browseto select the file (.xml, .xls, .xlsx) you want to import. 

Click 'Validate' to determine if the form format is valid to be imported into the Mobenzi system. This does not actually import the form, but merely determines whether the form is suitable for import. 

You will receive the following validation feedback:

  • Validation result - Gives feedback on whether your form is valid for import or not. If validation fails you will not be able to import your form. If validation is successful, you can proceed to import the form and the "Import Form" button will be enabled.
  • Errors - Lists the reasons for validation to fail. If any errors are present, it means the form cannot be imported and the "Import Form" button will be disabled.
  • Warnings - Lists all unsupported elements of your form that cannot be imported but will not prevent you from importing your form. If warnings are present you will still be able to import the form, but you should specifically check the listed areas after import and rectify/edit as required. It will also list any additional languages the system detected in your form for you to confirm.
  • Notices - Gives any other important information, e.g. if no language was detected in your form it will inform you that English was chosen as the default language.

Once your form has been successfully validated, select 'Import Form'. The newly imported form will open in the Design tab in Draft status. From here you can preview (recommended), edit, publish and assign your form as usual.

Exporting Forms

You can export your existing Mobenzi forms in several formats, either to reuse them in another Mobenzi account or in another application that supports the XForms (.xml) or XLSForms (.xls) standard. 

To export your form, go to the Design tab (1) and click on the settings cog icon (2). From the drop-down, select Export XForm (3) or Export XLSForm (4)Your form will download to your computer in the selected format. 

If you intend to re-import the form into another Mobenzi account (or another system that supports the XForms format), you are advised to use the XForm option. You should only use the XLSForm option if the system you are wishing to use does not support the XForm standard as the XLSForm format does not support all Mobenzi features: the generated file is intended to provide a "best-effort" starting point for XLSForm imports into external tools. Make sure you thoroughly review and test the form once you have imported it into the external tool before using it for capturing data. You should review the "README" sheet in the .xls file that is generated, which lists any specific warnings or errors that should be checked and manually corrected.

Note: Exporting forms is only available on paid plans. Community plans do not have access to this functionality.