If you are on one of our paid plans and have the correct permissions set up, you are able to add more than one workspace to your account. A workspace can be renamed or deleted when it is no longer needed.

This article covers:

Adding a new workspace

Note: Only users with the relevant permissions will be able to create a workspace.

To create a new workspace :

  • From the drop-down, select '+New workspace ' (2)

  • Enter the name of your new workspace and select 'Create workspace' (3)The dashboard of the new workspace will open.

Renaming a workspace

You can rename your workspace at any time by selecting Manage workspace  (1) from the workspace's dashboard. Edit your workspace's name (2) and select 'Save workspace Name(3).

Note: Only users with the "Manage Workspace Settings" permission will be able to rename a workspace. 

Deleting a workspace

Note: Only the Account Owner, Account Administrators and the Workspace Manager will be able to delete a workspaceYou cannot delete a workspace if it is the only workspace in your account.

You can delete a workspace by:

  • Selecting Manage workspace from the dashboard of the workspace that you would like to delete (1)
  • Select  'Delete this workspace from account' (2)
  • Select 'Ok' to delete (3)

Warning: When you delete a workspace, you will remove all the data collected for all the forms within that workspace. You will not be able to undo this action or retrieve the data, so be sure to export all the data that you'll need before deleting a workspace.