When designing your form, you can modify a field's display text based on a previous answer using references and 'if' statement functions

This example shows how you can update the pronoun (he / she) you use in your form based on a previous answer. This can be applied to many other similar scenarios.

1. Add a Select field to capture the gender of the participant.

2. In another field, use an 'if' statement function in order to display the correct pronoun based on the gender captured in the field above.

  • In the display text, type in "=if($gender = 'M', 'he', 'she')"
  • This will display the word 'he' if the response to the 'gender' field was 'M', otherwise it will display the word 'she'

Notes on using 'if' statements: 

  • When referring to a Select field's option, make sure you are referring to the value of the option, not the text.
  • When you want text to display as your 'if' statement output, make sure you use inverted commas as in this example, otherwise it will have a blank result. Numbers don't require inverted commas.

3. Select Preview to see how this will look to fieldworkers. Observe how the pronoun changes from 'he' to 'she' if your selection for 'gender' changes from 'Male' to 'Female'