As Account Owner, you can upgrade to a higher plan, add/remove additional features to your plan, downgrade to a lower plan, or cancel your account from the Change Plan page in the Console.  

This article covers:

Once you are logged into the Console, you can access the Change Plan page using the drop-down in the top right corner (1), and navigating to My Account (2). 

This will open the Account Overview page. Select Change/cancel plan or select Change Plan from the panel on the right. 

On the Change Plan page there is an overview of the different available plans and what they offer. From here you can select to upgrade/downgrade (1), opt to purchase/remove add-ons (2), or cancel your account (3).

Upgrading/downgrading your plan

To upgrade or downgrade to a plan that best suits your needs, simply select the preferred plan on the Change Plan page and select the Upgrade/Downgrade button. You will be informed of the relevant invoice amount and plan renewal date, and asked to confirm your billing and payment details

You will only be allowed to downgrade to lower plan if you are within the limits of the selected plan. Hovering over the disabled 'Downgrade' button will give you information about what needs to be reduced before you can downgrade. Downgrading will only be executed at the end of the billing period for which you have pre-paid. 

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of upgrading or downgrading, please view our SaaS Order.

Note: You cannot downgrade to a free Community plan once you have upgraded to a paid plan.

Adding 'add-ons' to your account

Optional features can be added to your account by expanding the Add-ons section. These optional additional features include:

  1. Expansion packs: Add as many expansion packs as needed. Each expansion pack will add an additional 50 enabled handsets, 2 workspaces, 10 GB storage and 500 SMS notifications/month to your plan's current limits. Available on Standard plans and above.
  2. Lockdown: Restrict what a data collector can access outside of the Mobenzi Gateway application. Available on all paid plans.

Note: Add-ons are dependent on the selected plan. For more information on expansion packs please view our SaaS Order.

As you add/remove these add-ons, the total monthly amount that will be invoiced will update accordingly. Select 'Save Changes' to effect any changes you've made to your plan.

Canceling your account

To cancel your account, select 'Cancel account' in the bottom left corner of the Change Plan page and confirm your cancellation request by selecting 'Proceed with cancellation' form the pop-up. 

A cancellation request will be sent to our Help Desk who will process the cancellation of the account. 

Note: If you select to cancel your account, the account will be closed and cancelled at the end of the billing period. Access will be removed and all data will be scheduled for permanent deletion. More information on termination of the service can be found in our SaaS Order.