In this release, we're rolling out a completely new form design and data capture experience. 

Meet the new form designer

The new form designer is faster, more intuitive and powerful than ever before. Fields are now organised into “pages” that can display multiple fields on the same screen. The navigation pane to the left of the main workspace is a useful way to move from page to page. Fields and pages can also be quickly re-ordered by dragging them in the navigation pane. Click on a page or field to open it in the main Workspace to configure display text, skip logic, validation and other field-specific settings. Changes save automatically in the background.

It is now possible to Preview the form from your web browser to test logic, validation and translations. Forms can then be published, at which point they are automatically downloaded by any assigned fieldworker devices.

The configuration of advanced skip logic and validation rules has been improved significantly. Skip rules can be applied to individual fields, or you can organise fields into a group and apply skip logic to all the fields at once. Groups can also be configured to repeat and you can even nest groups within one another if you need to.

Functions and field references can be used to display previously captured data, perform calculations or used in advanced validation or skip rules. The auto-complete feature will help you find the right field and guide you through setting up your function correctly. Just hit "=" to bring up the function list and "$" to list your fields.

A modern mobile interface

The new form experience extends to the Mobenzi mobile app too. A new version of Mobenzi Gateway has been released that provides a richer user experience for fieldworkers.

A range of new field types are now supported including audio and video capture. A cascading select field type has been added that allows for hierarchical selections to be made (e.g. Province, District, City).

Notes for existing accounts

The new tools will be available by default to any accounts created after 14 May 2019. We'll gradually be rolling out the new tools to existing users but if you can't wait to get your hands on the new tools, reach out to our support team to request access. Please note that the new tools utilise a new format to store and render forms. This means that legacy forms (those created before switching over to the new tools) cannot be edited using the new form designer. It is possible however to deploy both legacy and new forms to a fieldworker provided they have the latest version of Mobenzi Gateway installed.