A submission can be viewed geographically. Each submission for which GPS was captured is plotted on a map corresponding to the GPS location at which the submission was captured.

To view the map, select the 'Map' (1) tab from the Analyse section of your form. When you view the map, you will see that the pins are grouped. This provides the total number of submissions captured within that area.

As you zoom into the map or click on a group of submissions, you will notice that the pins separate into smaller totals until you reach the individual pin where the submission details can be viewed.

Clicking on a pin will display details of the submission that was captured at that location. You can add or remove fields to only include information that will be useful for you to see (1) and you can open the full submission to view the responses (2):

Note: if the maximum zoom is applied and the pins are grouped too closely, the submission total for that location will be displayed. In this case, the submission details of the the first pin within that group will displayed.

If the submissions contain fields that have been marked as sensitive, the data for these fields will not be be visible if you do not have the permission to view sensitive fields.