Data collected can be exported at any time, provided you have view permissions for the workspace.

Exporting your data

Go to the Analyse tab (1). You can use filters to limit the export to only the submissions you are interested in (e.g. filter by date, data collector(s) or other criteria), and use the grid view to rename any columns where you don't want to use the default field names used. This can be useful in cases where the field names are not compatible with the analysis tool you are using. 

Next, select the Export tab (2) and choose your preferred format: Stat/Transfer, Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Microsoft Excel. Media files can be exported separately. Click on a format to see more details about the additional options related to your chosen format.

Click 'Export' (3). If your export contains fewer than 500 submissions, your download will start immediately. Media and large datasets are handled slightly differently as outlined below.

Large datasets and media exports

Should your export contain more than 500 submissions or when exporting media, you will be asked to confirm your email address and a secure link to download your export file will be sent to you. Depending on the size of the export and during peak times, it may take several minutes or longer before you receive the email containing the link to download the export file. Please wait until you have received the email with the download link before requesting further exports.

Please note:

  • Excel, CSV and Stat/Transfer exports do not include binary or multimedia data, i.e. these exports do not contain images/audio/video. When exporting in Excel or CSV, a link is generated for each file. This link can be used to download the individual file from the export. Media files can be exported separately.
  • You must use the email address that is linked to your Mobenzi account when prompted to enter your email address.
  • Other users will not be able to use the download link emailed to you as it is tied to your Mobenzi credentials. Do not forward the email you receive to other users.
  • The download link received in the email will expire on a date specified in the email (48 hours). If the link has expired, a new download  will need to be requested.