You can choose to have an overview of the answers to the most important fields in your form, known as key indicators, by setting it up from the Analyse section of the form.

To set up the key indicators that you would like to see, go to the Analytics Overview page for your selected form (1) and select 'Manage Key Indicators' (2) at the bottom of the page.

Note: Key indicators are temporary and will clear when you move away from the Analyse page. You will need to save a report to view these indicators when you return to the Analyse tab at a later stage.


This will open the Charts tab (3) showing a summary of your form's responses per group. From the drop-down menu (4) select the group containing the key indicator(s) that you would like to see on your Analytics Overview tab


Once you've selected the group from the drop-down, all possible key indicators available in that group will be listed. Use the check-boxes next to each one to select the indicators you want easy access to on the Analytics Overview tab (5).


You will now see your selected key indicators on the Analytics Overview tab. 

Note that Sensitive fields will be hidden for users that do not have the permission to view sensitive fields. These fields will are indicated by the 'Sensitive field' icon as shown below.