Functions and operators are special commands that enable you to perform basic or advanced calculations, determine skip logic, modify display text and format data. 

  • Functions can be nested within one another and can, where applicable, accept either constant values or responses to previous fields as arguments, e.g. round ($result, 2)
  • Operators are a subset of functions that are used between values, e.g. +, -, AND, OR.

In your form, functions and operators can be used within expressions which group them with values for calculation. Expressions can be embedded directly into a field's display text to be evaluated when the field is displayed, or used within skip or validation logic values. In each of these places, they are indicated by the equals character ('=') followed by the function name, e.g. =today(), or brackets to indicate the calculation group, e.g. =(1+1). 

Typing '=' directly into a display text or value field will bring up the list of the available functions and operators. Either scroll through the list to find what you are looking for, or just start typing and then press 'Tab' on your keyboard to autocomplete.  

The following types of functions and operators are available. View the individual articles for more details and examples.