Referencing other fields in your form questions can be a powerful feature in your form to add context for the fieldworker who will be capturing the responses, or to drive skip logiccalculations and validations.

In each of these places, fields are referenced by the dollar character ('$') followed by the field name, e.g. $textfield_1.

Referencing fields in display text

  1. Find the name of the field you want to reference.
  2. In your field display text type '$' to bring up a list of all available fields in your form. Either scroll through the list to find the field name you are looking for, or just start typing and then press 'Tab' on your keyboard to autocomplete. 
  3. Press 'Enter' or click outside of the display input box once you have entered your text.
  4. The field reference will be highlighted to show that it is different from the text around it.
  5. When completing the form on the device, the display text will update dynamically with the referenced field value as soon as it is populated. 

Referencing fields in skip logic and validation rules

You can reference other field values when setting up skip logic or validation rules. Simply type '$' in the value input box to bring up a list of valid field options to choose from. 

Referencing fields in calculations and expressions

Field values can also be referenced within more complex expressions, either as arguments for functions (as in the example below) or combined with operators.