In the Handsets tab, all the handsets that have been added to your account will be listed under 'Manage Handsets'. Using filters, you can search for specific handsets and perform actions on them - either individually or in bulk (i.e. on multiple handsets at once).

Note: You need specific handset management permissions to be able to manage handsets.

Filter and search for handsets

In the first filter you can choose to view:

  • All handsets
  • Only enabled handsets
  • Only disabled handsets
  • Only handsets where Lockdown is activated (if Lockdown was added to this account)
  • Only handsets where Lockdown is deactivated (if Lockdown was added to this account)

Click on 'Filter handsets' to action the filter. 

In the second filter, you can choose to view handsets that are:

  • Assigned to any data collector in the current workspace
  • Assigned to any data collector in any workspace you have access to 
  • Unassigned, i.e. not assigned to any data collector and therefore not linked to a specific workspace 
  • All unassigned handsets in your account as well as all handsets assigned in any workspace you have access to, i.e. all handsets that you have access to in your account

Click on 'Filter handsets' to action the filter. 

In the third filter you can search on additional criteria. Depending on what you select, you will be prompted to enter your search term in the text box to the right.

You can search by the:

  • Data collector this handset is assigned to
  • Handset's identifier (IMEI)
  • Handset's asset code (if it has one)
  • Handset's mobile number (if one was provided)
  • Date a submission was received from this handset

Click on 'Filter handsets' to action the filter. 

It is also possible to action a combination of the three filters.

Individual handset actions

If you have the manage handset permission for a specific workspace , you will be able to perform actions on individual handsets in that workspace. In your Handsets page, when clicking on the handset's identifier (IMEI), a drop-down will open giving you the option to:  

  • View the handset - this will open the handset's individual overview page
  • Disable/Enable the handset
  • Edit the handset
  • Update the handset's assignment
  • Delete the handset
  • Activate/deactivate Lockdown (if this was purchased as add-on).

handset actions will only be allowed within the limits of your current 
plan. I.e. if you are trying to enable more devices than are allowed on your plan, this action will have no effect and you will receive a warning message on why it could not be executed.

If you do not have permission to manage handsets in a workspace, you will not be allowed to perform actions on the handsets in that workspace. You will only have the option 'View handset' in the handset's dropdown.

If you have access to multiple workspaces and you have permission to manage handsets in one workspace but not in another, you will only be allowed to perform actions on the handsets you have access to manage. If you try to perform any action on a handset that is linked to a workspace where you do not have the correct permissions, you will see an error message similar to the one below:

For bulk handset actions, see here