Mobenzi Lockdown is an optional add-on that can be used to restrict what a fieldworker can access outside of the Mobenzi Gateway application. 

Account Owners have the ability to purchase Lockdown as an add-on via the Account Management page. Once added to the account, any console user with the manage handsets permission will be able to activate or deactivate Lockdown for individual handsets.

Mobenzi Lockdown provides the following features:

  • Limit fieldworkers to only have access to the Mobenzi apps, preventing them from using their handsets for purposes other than work-related activities. 
  • Ensure Mobenzi Gateway is always running on the handset (e.g. on startup, when manually closed or when the home button is pressed).
  • Allows for temporary lifting of restrictions by means of a one-time PIN which can be provided to a fieldworker if required.

For more information on how to use Lockdown, see the following articles: