This article will help you start using the Mobenzi Gateway application once you've downloaded and installed it onto your handset.  

Opening the application

Locate the Mobenzi Gateway app's icon on your handset and select it. The Home screen will open, showing five icons (modules) by default:

  • Project: contains all the forms assigned to the fieldworker using this handset. Note: the label for this icon will be the name of the project you are linked to.
  • My Activity: enables fieldworkers to see a graphical view of their recent data collection activity.
  • Notificationscontains notifications about important events and messages sent by your team.
  • My Profileallows you to see information about your user profile and configure your Mobenzi project settings. 
  • Helpprovides resources to assist with resolving common technical issues and gives information required by the Mobenzi support team to assist you should you have any trouble.