Once you are logged into the Mobenzi web console, you can manage your account settings using the drop-down in the top right corner (1) and navigating to My Account (2).  

You will be directed to the Account Management Overview page. From here, you can view information about your account such as:

  • Subscription information - e.g. current plan, billing cycle, latest invoice and next renewal date.
  • Usage - the number of enabled handsets, submissions, projects, web users and storage for your account.
  • Add-ons - view current and/or add new add-ons for your account.


Storage will be listed under the usage section. For example 19.46/20 GB

Click on the hyperlink (indicated in blue) to view a breakdown of storage per project.

  • Response data refers to the submission data without any media included.
  • Attachments are the media captured and uploaded and includes images, video, audio, signatures and documents.
  • Media library refers to the resources uploaded to the project's resource library (e.g. CSV files and media docs) used in your forms.
  • There is also a date of when the last update was run. Currently running weekly across all accounts.

Expansion packs can be added to increase storage for the account (adding an expansion pack will take effect immediately). Alternatively, you could reduce the storage by removing old data from the account. Note: deleting data is permanent

Using the panel on the right, you can manage your account as follow:

  • Account Settings - edit the account's name and request to transfer ownership
  • Change Plan - upgrade/downgrade your current plan, cancel your account or purchase add-ons
  • Edit Billing - update your account billing details and payment method
  • History - view and download previous and/or current invoices