During periods of non-activity, you may want to consider Parking the account. This would allow you to keep all your data/forms/handsets etc. at a fraction of the cost when not using the system for data collection.

Please contact support at help@mobenzi.com if you wish to park or unpark your account.

  • Parking takes effect on the next renewal date of your subscription (i.e. once the current billing cycle on the paid plan completes).
  • Whilst parked, you do not have access to your account or data, and the mobile app will be deactivated. When you reactivate the account in the future, all your data will be there and you can continue from where you left off. 
  • You can return to an active paid plan at any point while parked. Pro-rata amount charged for unused parking to be credited on the invoice generated when the account is unparked.
  • The parked subscription will continue to renew monthly, until you choose to unpark or cancel the subscription.
  • No support is provided to accounts that are parked.
  • We can generally unpark the account on the same day, however we request that you provide us with at least one business day notice if you wish to reactivate your account.

You are welcome to read more about parking in our terms of service (point 12.2).

Parking fees per subscription (monthly): 

Subscription ZAR (ex VAT)Parking fee per expansion pack (ZAR ex VAT)USDParking fee per expansion pack (USD)
Essential R 3 00-$ 20-
StandardR 6 00
+ R 300$ 40+ $ 20
PremiumR 1 500
+ R 300$ 100+ $ 20
EnterpriseR 3 000
+ R 150$ 200+ $ 10