Note: Settings for capturing data using the mobile app are covered in the Fieldworker Collection settings article.

If web collection has been enabled for your form, the way in which respondents access and complete the form can be managed by configuring the following web collection settings: 

Resume incomplete web submissions

You can allow respondents to continue with their form submission at a later stage by selecting "Allow the respondent to close their browser and resume form later(1) and selecting "Save Settings" (2). Note that this is disabled by default.

If enabled, respondents can select 'Save and Continue later' from the menu available during form completion. A unique link is generated that the respondent can then copy and save or email to themselves. The link can be pasted into a web browser at a later stage to complete and submit the form.


The link to resume the form can also be accessed from the Grid on the Analyse page. Incomplete submissions are indicated in the Complete column when viewing the submission details. Clicking on the "No" hyperlink will display the resumable link for the specific submission can be copied and shared with the respondent to continue the form.

Switching between pages

By default forms need to be completed sequentially i.e. from page 1 through to the end. To allow respondents to switch between pages and complete the form in any order, uncheck the option "Respondent must complete the form sequentially" (1) and save (2).

Respondents can switch between pages by opening 'Page Listing' from the menu during form completion. Skip logic, and validation will still apply and all required fields will need to be completed to submit the form.

Restrict access to assigned fieldworkers only

By default, anyone with the web link can complete and submit the form. Access to a web form can be restricted to fieldworkers that are assigned to the form. Simply check the option "Restrict access to the form to assigned fieldworkers only" (1) and save (2). Fieldworkers will be prompted to enter their unique access code to open the form and capture data.

Fieldworkers that are not assigned to the form or have an invalid code will not be able to open and complete the form.  

Note: Only the original respondent can continue filling in an access-restricted form, if resuming a form has been enabled as described above.

This unique access code is automatically generated for each fieldworker and can be found on the fieldworker's profile page. Users with the permission to "Manage all team members in the project " will be able to view the access code by navigating to the Team tab and selecting the fieldworker from the list of team members. The code can be copied and shared with the fieldworker in order to access the web form and collect data.

Note: Access codes should be kept confidential and only be shared with the specified fieldworker. Ensure that user permissions are managed with caution and that correct access is granted to team members.