If you are subscribed to the Standard plan (or above) and your project uses the latest version of our tools, you can opt to enable a form for web collection - allowing it to be completed using any modern web browser.

To enable web collection for a form, navigate to the Collect tab and select 'Web Collection'. Managing which fieldworkers may capture forms via the Android mobile app is handled by the 'Fieldworker Collection' page.

Enable web collection for a form by selecting 'Enable' (1). Select to 'Disable' (2) web collection at any time if you no longer want to allow data to be captured via the web. 

Once enabled, you can copy (3) and share the unique link or the QR code with anyone to complete the form using their web browser.

Generate (4) a new web collection link if your link is ever shared with someone who shouldn't be able to collect data. Note: when you generate a new link, the old link will no longer work.

Configuring settings for web collection, such as restricting access to assigned fieldworkers or allowing users to save and resume at a later stage, is covered in the article on Web Collection Settings.