Forms can be printed by navigating to the Design tab (1), selecting the settings cog (2) and choosing 'Print Form' from the drop-down (3). 

The print preview window will open from where you can adjust the print settings or select to save the form in PDF format (using the drop-down next to 'Destination' in the panel on the left). 

The printed version of the form looks slightly different to the form when viewed in your Design tab or using the Preview functionality. Take special note of the following:

  • Basic form information (e.g. version and language) is included at the top of the form
  • Field names are included as part of the display text
  • Skip logic rules and validation rules are not included
  • Field references are not 'wrapped', but still display as text
  • Cascading select field options are excluded
  • Embedded images are included
  • Embedded audio and video files are replaced by the name of the file

While the print preview window is open, you will not be able to edit anything in your Design tab. A notification as shown below will display as a reminder that your print window is open. Once you've printed your form or closed the print window, you can dismiss this pop-up by clicking 'OK'.