Please note: this is a legacy article which refers to features or aspects of our tools which have been or will be phased out in the future.


'Pending uploads' refer to submissions that have been completed on a handset but have not uploaded to the server yet and are not visible on your web console. These submissions are safely stored on the handset and are likely to upload once the handset's connectivity has been restored. 

Pending uploads do not prevent fieldworkers from capturing of data.

'Pending uploads' can be the result of:

  • Poor or no network connectivity
  • A handset running out of data
  • An Invalid Token
  • Mobile data that is turned off 
  • Flight mode that is enabled on the handset

If you have checked all of the above and everything seems to be in order but there are still pending uploads on your handset, please contact Mobenzi support ( In your email, be sure to include the handset's IMEI, the project name, and the name of the form with pending uploads.

Note: Do not clear the data of the app when there are pending uploads indicated on the handset. This will remove any submissions that are stored on the handset. 

If there are pending uploads on the handset, you will not be able to check for updates and this error message will appear. Once all the pending submissions have uploaded, you will be able to check for updates again.