Optional form settings can be accessed from the form Design tab by selecting 'Optional Form Settings'. From here, optional settings such as Language Settings (1), Form completion behaviour (2) and Metadata settings (3) can be managed.

Language settings 

This screen enables you to add and remove any additional languages for your form. 

Hint: Have a look at our Language and Translations article for step by step guidelines on managing different languages for your form.

Form completion behaviour 

This page contains settings that allow you to control how a fieldworker can suspend, resume and complete a form.

Hint: Our Form Completion Behaviour article expands in more detail on the various form completion behaviour options.

Metadata settings 

This page lists the background information that is captured during form completion. You can also disable/enable background GPS capture from here.

Hint: Read more about enabling/disabling background GPS in our article: Disable/enable background GPS capture