When creating a new form or editing an existing form, it is useful to view and test the form first before publishing it. This will help ensure that your form design is correct before sending it to your fieldworkers' handsets. 

To preview your form, navigate to the form's Design tab (1) and select Preview from the toolbar (2).

A new window will open, giving you a preview of what the form will look like to your fieldworkers. You can test the form by entering responses directly into the preview. All field referencesvalidationskip logic, default values, functions and embedded media will apply, giving you an accurate representation of using the form in the field.  

Note: Responses cannot be submitted through the form preview. No data captured in the preview will be saved or included on the analytics page.

If you make any changes to the form, a notification is shown in the preview window (3), prompting you to refresh the preview to view the latest version of the form. Refreshing the preview takes you to the start of the form to ensure any changes to form logic are also taken into account.

If the form is available in more than one language, you can switch to that language on the Design page (4) and select Preview to launch the preview in the context of the selected language.

You can also Preview your form from the form's drop-down menu on the project's Dashboard tab (1) or from right-hand side panel on the form's Overview tab (2).