A form can have a status of Draft, Published or Closed

You can view the status of your form:

  • Next to the form name on the Dashboard or in the top ribbon.
  • When viewing the form Overview or Design tab, under 'Details' in the right-hand side menu. 
  • Below the form name in the Design tab. 


A Draft form is under construction and not available to fieldworkers. 

When you create a new form, the form will be in Draft mode by default. You can assign Draft forms to fieldworkers, but no fieldworkers will be able to access the form on their handset if it is in Draft. All changes made to a Draft form will be autosaved and will not be lost even if you navigate away from the page. 

Note: Web collection cannot be configured for Draft forms. Once the form is published, web collection can be enabled and access via a web browser using the unique URL.

Draft forms can either be published or deleted.

You can view a list of your project's Draft forms on the Dashboard or in the quick-switch panel.


A Published form is live and available on the handset of all fieldworkers assigned to the form.

In order for assigned fieldworkers to access the form on their handset and start capturing data, you have to publish the form. Publishing a form changes the status of the form to Published, and the form is sent to the handset of all assigned fieldworkers.  

Note: If fieldworkers are offline at the time of publishing the form, they will only receive the form on their handsets once they have connectivity.

Edits can be made to Published forms without sending these changes to fieldworkers. All changes are saved automatically and will not be lost even if you navigate away from the page. The number of changes that have not been published are indicated in the toolbar. 

To send these changes to fieldworkers, select 'Publish changes' from the toolbar. This increments the version number (visible in the toolbar below the form name), and sends the new version of the form to fieldworker's handset (assuming connectivity). If fieldworkers have any in-progress forms, they will be warned that there is a newer version available, giving them the choice to discard the in-progress form and launch the new version instead, or to continue with the old version of the form.

Published forms can be closed or deleted (see below), but they cannot be changed back to Draft.

A list of all your Published forms can be viewed on the project's Dashboard or in the quick-switch panel.


A Closed form is no longer being conducted, but is still available for analysis. 

Once data collection has been completed, a form can be closed. Closing a form will remove the form and any in-progress instances of the form from fieldworkers' handsets, and will no longer be accessible to them. On the console, any unpublished changes to the form will be discarded, and the form will become read-only. You will still be able to access the Grid on the Analyse page of the form and complete your data analysis as previously. 

Closed forms can be reopened or deleted.

Note: If fieldworkers are offline at the time of closing the form, the form will only be removed from their handsets once they have connectivity.

To close a form:

  1. From the Design tab, select the settings icon in the toolbar (next to Preview). 
  2. Select 'Close' from the drop-down.

You can view a list of all the Closed forms in a project by selecting 'View [x] Closed forms' in the quick-switch panel.

You can reopen a Closed form if you want to edit the form and/or make it available to fieldworkers to capture data again. 

To reopen a form, select Reopen form from the toolbar. This sets the form's status back to 'Published', and opens the last published version of the form for further editing and assignments.

Note: Fieldworkers must be reassigned to a reopened form before they will be able to access it on their handsets. You can do this from the Assignments tab.

Deleting a form

Deleting a form deletes all fields, data (submissions) received and reports associated with the form permanently. The form is also removed from all fieldworker handsets. Only users with the 'Design a formpermission may delete a form.

Note: If fieldworkers are offline at the time of deleting the form, the form will only be removed from their handsets once they have connectivity.

To delete a form:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the settings icon next to the form that you wish to delete.
  3. Choose 'Delete form from the drop-down.

Note: You cannot undo deleting a form. 

Using the legacy form designer? Have a look at our article on Changing the status of a form in the legacy form designer.