If you have data/submissions that you would like to import to a form, it can be done by following the steps outlined below.

NoteThe submissions that you're importing must match the fields of the form that you're importing the submissions to.

  1. On your Mobenzi console, select the form that you would like to import submissions to.
  2. Select the 'Overview' tab.
  3. From the Analytics menu on the right-hand side of the page, select 'Import submissions'.
  4.  Download the template and populate it with the relevant data. All columns in the file correspond to necessary meta-data and fields in the form.
  5. Once you have finished populating your template, save it and come back to this screen (on your Mobenzi console). Select the handset of the fieldworker that has collected the submissions that you are importing.
  6. Select the language that the submissions were completed in.

Note: Ensure that all languages that submissions have been completed in have been added to the form before you import submissions.

    7. Browse your PC to find your completed template file.
    8. Upload the template file.

When the upload has completed, you will be able to view the data/submissions on your Analytics grid.