Please note: this is a legacy article which refers to features or aspects of our tools which have been or will be phased out in the future.


Adding an existing section can save you a lot of time if you want to copy several fields from one form into another. Watch this video on how to add an existing section to your form:

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

To add an existing section to your form:

  1. In the panel on the right, select 'Add Existing Section'.
  2. Next, locate the section you wish to copy from the drop-down menus by choosing the project, form and finally the section to copy.
  3. By default, the same section name will be used unless you change it.
  4. The field names copied into your form will remain the same as the field names used in the original form, but you can add a suffix / prefix to them. Note: adding a suffix / prefix is compulsory if you are adding a section from the same form, because field names must be unique within a form. If you don't specify a suffix/prefix, one will automatically be assigned.  
  5. Select 'Finish' to add the section to the form.

The copied section will appear at the bottom of your form, however, you can change the order of the sections.

Note: When adding an existing section, only the fields are copied. No logic, branching or other validation is copied - be sure to add this to your new section again if you need it. Also check any advanced validation and operators used in the section to ensure they do not refer to fields which do not exist in your current form.