When manually adding a handset to your account, you'll need to provide the handset's identifier - this is either the handset's IMEI (if it has one) or its Android ID. Generally, you should use the IMEI as the handset identifier, but if the handset does not have one (e.g. WiFi only devices), you can use the Android ID instead. IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a numeric code of 15 - 17 digits. 

How to locate the IMEI or Android ID

When launching the Mobenzi Gateway app on a handset for the first time, the IMEI (if the handset has one) and Android ID will be displayed at the bottom of the initial setup screen. 

Once Mobenzi Gateway has been installed, you can also locate these identifiers as follows.

  • From the Mobenzi Gateway mobile app Home screen, open the 'Help' module
  • Tap on 'My handset info'.  
  • The handset's IMEI (if it has one) and Android ID will be displayed.

Alternative ways to find the handset's IMEI

If for any reason, you can't access the Mobenzi Gateway application, you can usually find the IMEI using one of these techniques:

  • Dial *#06# from your handset. Your IMEI will immediately be displayed.
  • Look under the handset's battery or on the box your handset came in.
  • Look in the 'Settings' menu of your handset. It is slightly different depending on the make and model of your handset, but you can typically see the IMEI by following these steps:
    • Select 'Settings'
    • Scroll to 'About Phone' 
    • Select 'About Phone' and scroll to IMEI