To add a new handset to your project, simply go to the 'Handsets tab' and select 'Add a new handset' at the top of the page. There are two ways to add a new handset to your account: Using the handset setup wizard to download and link the app, or add a handset using the IMEI.

Download the Mobenzi mobile app

  1. Download the mobile app by entering in to the handset's web browser
  2. Add the unique project code to link the handset to your project 
  3. Add fieldworker details to register the fieldworker
  4. Setup complete

Adding a handset using its IMEI / Android ID (advanced)

If you prefer, you can also to add a handset by specifying its IMEI / Android ID instead by selecting this option at the top of the screen. This option may be useful when you do not wish to have the fieldworker complete the project linking or registration process themselves.

A new set of steps will take you through this alternative process. 

  1. Add the handset details (IMEI, mobile number, asset code)
  2. Download the Mobenzi mobile app by entering in the handset's web browser
  3. Setup complete

Using this method, you will be expected to enter some handset details first:

The only compulsory field is the handset identifier / IMEI. Other optional fields are:

  • Mobile number: this refers to the handset's unique mobile phone number. This must be added in full international format.
  • Asset code: this can be used to link the handset to an asset register so you can easily track and refer to the handset when providing support to fieldworkers.
  • Assigned to: you can choose the person to whom the handset will be assigned. The drop-down list will only contain people linked to projects you have permission to view. The number in brackets next to the fieldworker's name indicates how many handsets have already been assigned to the fieldworker. 
  • Lockdown: if Lockdown is added to your account, you can choose whether it should be enabled or disabled for this handset.

The above handset details can also be updated at a later stage.

Select 'Save' to continue to the next step. You will not be allowed to continue before saving this information. 

Note: The mobile numbers, handset identifier and asset code used must be unique across your account so if a duplicate is entered, an error message will be displayed to inform you that the number entered is already in use.