You will manage your project team from the Team tab.

This article will explain how to:

  • Add team members
  • Edit users
  • Manage user permissions
  • Delete users

Add team members

When adding a new team member, you will have a choice between adding a:

  • Fieldworker - Mobile access only. Fieldworkers only interact with the system using the Mobenzi mobile application and have no access to the web console whatsoever. Fieldworkers only have access to forms explicitly assigned to them.
  • Console (full) user - Web and mobile access. Console users can also conduct forms but most importantly they have access to the Mobenzi web console where they can be granted permissions to perform a variety of other tasks. These additional permissions are managed per project.

To add a new fieldworker:

  1. Go to the Team tab and click 'Add Team Member'. 
  2. Select the type of user you want to add. 
  3. Enter the first and last name of the team member. If you are adding a full user, you will also be required to enter an email address.
  4. Select 'Add user account'. 

Edit users

To edit a user:

  1. Find and select the user you want to edit in the list of team members on the Team tab. The user's individual overview page will open.
  2. In the right-hand side panel, under 'Actions', select 'Edit user'.

From the Edit screen you will be able to:

  1. Update the user's profile by editing the user type, first name, last name and email address (full users only).
  2. Update the user's permissions
  3. Manage the user's language preferences. 

User permissions

User permissions are set on the 'Edit Users' page. The permissions that are available may differ based on your chosen monthly plan.

Fieldworker permissions

Once you have specified that a user is a fieldworker, you can grant them access to specific projects. Granting them access to a project does not grant them access to all forms in the project. Form assignment is handled separately.

Console users

Console users can have many permissions assigned.

Note: You can only set up permissions for other users if you have the "Manage all users in study" permission enabled.

By default, the user must have access to the relevant project before you can assign any other permissions to them. If you wish to remove the user's access to the project completely, simply deselect the check box next to the 'Access the project' permission.  

The following describes what each permission means:

  • Access the project
    • Allows a basic level of access to the project such as knowing that it exists and being able to see who else has access to the project.
    • Added to new users by default when they are added to the project.
    • Added automatically if any other permission is selected.
  • Manage all team members in the project
    • Grant/revoke permissions for other users.
    • Allows the deleting of users.
    • This is the most powerful permission you can have within a project.

Note: Granting this permission provides the selected user with the ability to grant themselves or others any permission they wish within the project. 

  • Manage all handsets in the project
    • Allows the user to view, filter, edit, enable/disable and delete the project's handsets.
    • Allows the user to update handset assignments. 
    • Without this permission, the user will only be able to view and filter handsets. No further handset actions will be available.
  • Conduct a form (fieldworker)
    • Allows a form to be assigned to the user.
    • Console users can also be granted this permission in which case they are both console users and fieldworkers.
  • Create a new project
    • Allows the user to create a new project.
    • The user will automatically have all permissions for a project they create.
  • Manage the settings and folder structure for the project 
    • Allows access to the 'Project Management' page where the user can rename the project, modify the folder structure which is used to organise forms on handsets, and manage other project-level parameters.
  • Design a form
    • Allows access to the form designer where the user can create and modify any existing form within the project.
    • Allows imports and exports of translation tables.
    • Allows the status of a form to be changed.
    • Allows the use of the resource manager.
  • Manage team members who can conduct forms
    • Allows the user to assign any form within the project to any user with the 'Conduct a form' permission (i.e. fieldworkers).

    Move a form from one project to another

    • Allows the user to move a form from one project to another project they have access to.

  • Preview a form
    • Allows the user to preview and/or print a form. 
  • Send SMS messages
    • Allows the user to send SMS (text messages) to other users.
    • Note: costs are incurred when sending SMS messages.
  • View billing information
    • Allows the user to view billing information.
  • View submissions
    • Allows access to view and export response data manually or via the API.
  • Modify submissions
    • Allows access to modify response data manually or via the API.
    • Selects the 'View submissions' permission automatically.
  • Delete submissions
    • Allows access to delete response data manually or via the API.
    • Allows access to bulk delete submissions.
    • Selects the 'View submissions' and 'Modify submissions' permissions automatically.
  • Create and edit reports
    • Allows access to save and share reports internally and publicly.

Delete users

You can completely remove a user from this project. If this user was assigned to a handset, the handset will now be 'unassigned'. 

Note: This won't delete any submissions made by this user.  

To delete a user:

  1. Find and select the user you want to delete in the list of team members on the Team tab. The user's individual overview page will open.
  2. In the right-hand side panel, under 'Actions, select 'Delete user'.
  3. Confirm by selecting 'OK'.

Assigning a handset to your team member

After setting up a new team member, you can assign a handset and assign the relevant forms to them. If you use the handset setup wizard to add a handset to your project, a fieldworker will automatically be created in the Team tab with this handset and the relevant forms (as stipulated in the handset setup wizard) will already be assigned to them.