After you've designed or updated your form and assigned it from the console, the fieldworker can open the Mobenzi mobile app and check for updates. The new or updated form will be available for the fieldworker to launch.

Note: Fieldworkers must have at least one handset assigned to them to be able to receive and conduct a form.

Open the form

From the main menu, select the option to 'Conduct Form' (forms can also be organised into custom folders).

The form(s) available on the handset (or in the selected folder) will appear on the screen. Select the form you wish to conduct.

Capture responses

Once you have selected a form, the first field is displayed. The name of the form you have opened will appear at the top of the screen with a percentage indicating your progress.


Answer each field that is displayed. Once you have entered a response, select 'Next' to continue to the next field.

Note: Read about the different types of fields you might encounter here.

Edit responses

Throughout the form you can select "Options" → "Back" to edit a response, however once you complete and submit the form, it cannot be accessed again from the handset.

Quit & Resume form

You can quit the form at any point selecting 'Options' → 'Quit Form'. You will be able to resume this form at a later stage if required.

A red icon next to the form name indicates that the form is still in progress. The percentage completion is also indicated. A blue icon indicates a form that has not been started yet.

When opening an 'in progress' form again, you can choose to either resume where you left off by selecting 'Yes', or discard and start the form from scratch by selecting 'Options' → 'Discard and start anew'.  

Upload the form

Before exiting the application after completing a form, wait for the notice, "Pending Upload" to disappear. If you have data connectivity, this should be really quick. In areas where there are no data connectivity, these pending uploads will accumulate until connection is available. As soon as connection is established, the pending uploads will upload automatically.