Custom form menus allow you to edit the default option menu displayed by the Mobenzi mobile application when conducting a form. By adding your own menu items, you can enable access to other functionality by launching third-party applications installed on the handset (for example to scan a barcode).

Custom form menus are added per form, so you can have different form menus available in different forms in your project. 

Supported menu actions

Currently, the following menu actions are supported:

  • Launch a compatible barcode or QR code scanning application (Note: we recommend using a free application such as Barcode Scanner and Pic2Shop).
  • Access enhanced form controls.  
  • Launch a URL in a web browser.
  • Open a file stored on the handset (or on the web) using the default application.
  • Launch the handset's default/native sound recording application (Note: the recorded audio will not be returned to the Mobenzi mobile application - it will need to be saved and uploaded separately).
  • Launch Mobenzi ID - an application that interacts with biometric hardware to scan and verify fingerprints (Note: this functionality requires the purchase of additional hardware and software - please contact Mobenzi sales for further information).
  • Bespoke applications adhering to integration standards - please contact Mobenzi sales for further information (also see Mobenzi Researcher - Mobile app integration guide - rev 2.pdf). 

Using custom menu actions

There are two steps involved when using custom form menus:

  1. Set up your own menu items.
  2. Assign menu items to specific fields in your form.

Set up your own menu items

  1. From the Design tab, select 'Advanced Form Options' from the ribbon. 
  2. In the panel on the right, select 'Form menu and enhanced controls'. 
  3. The current menu items are displayed. The 'Back' and 'Quit Survey' options cannot be removed from the menu, but you can rename them if you want to by using the edit icon.
  4. Click the Add icon.
  5. Select the Action you wish to add from the drop-down menu.
  6. Give the menu item a label - this is the text that will be displayed to the fieldworker when opening the option menu. 
  7. Click 'Add'.

The newly added custom menu item will now also be displayed:

Assign menu items to specific fields in your form

In most cases, the menu item you've created will only apply to certain fields in your form. When adding or editing a field, you can specify which menu item(s) should be available to the fieldworker at that field (in addition to the mandatory 'Back' and 'Quit Survey' menu items).

Note: This menu item will only be available at the fields where it was specifically added by following the steps below.

Example: Fieldworkers should only be able to scan a product code when prompted for it.

  1. Add a new field with text prompting the fieldworker to scan the QR code.
  2. Select 'Next' until you get to the 'Custom Menu (optional)' tab.

3. Select the custom menu item(s) you would like to be available to the fieldworkers at this field by ticking the check box next to it. 

4. You can also choose whether you want to allow manual input from the fieldworker at this field or not. 

5. Select 'Finish'.

Once you've applied a custom menu item to a field, an icon will appear at the top right of the field in the designer to indicate this.