The status of your form is displayed in two places:

  • On the top ribbon next to the form name (in brackets).
  • When viewing the form Overview or Design tab, under 'Details' in the right-hand side menu.

What does the form status mean?

A form can have a status of either Draft, Live, Complete or Archived. This status can be updated at any time. However, when a form has a status of Draft, the only option is to change it to Live by publishing it.


If you would like to make changes to your form, you would typically do so while your form status is Draft. No fieldworkers will be able to access the form on their handset if it is in Draft, and you will not be able to assign the form to any new fieldworkers.


Once you have completed designing your form, you will need to ensure that its status is changed to Live. Once Live, you will be able to assign the form to your fieldworkers and they will be able to see it on their handsets as soon as they check for updates.


You can change a form's status to Complete when data collection is complete. You will still be able to access the analytics of the form and complete your data analysis. However, when a form status is set to Complete, fieldworkers will no longer be able to access it on their handsets after checking for updates.


When analysis, exports and reporting are complete, you can change the form status to Archived. The form will still be visible on your console. However, just like when a form status is Completed, fieldworkers will not able to access archived forms their handsets.

How do I change a form's status?

A form's status can be changed from the form Overview or Design tab. You will be able to select 'Publish' (for Draft formsor 'Change status' (for Live forms) from the menu on the right-hand side of the page.

If you selected 'Publish', the form's status will immediately change to 'Live'.  

If you clicked on 'Change status', a new window will open:

Here, you can click on the status that you would like to set for your form. Remember to click on 'Save status' after you have selected a different status.