Please note: this is a legacy article which refers to features or aspects of our tools which have been or will be phased out in the future.


You can export forms that you've already designed in your account and import them back on to your Mobenzi console again when you need to. This make it easier to add duplicate forms to multiple projects. You can also export forms to serve as a back-up on your computer. This means you can experiment with your form's design without worrying that you will lose your original work - you can simply import it again if needed.

Note: exporting and importing of Mobenzi (XML) files is only available if you are on a paid plan. Community plan members will not have access to this functionality. 

Exporting a form

You can export your form in XML format as follow:

  1. Select the form you want to export from the quick-switch panel and go to the Design tab.
  2. On the right, select 'Export the form'.

The form will directly download onto your computer's hard drive.

Importing a form

You can import any form that you've exported before from your computer's hard drive. 

To import your form, select the project you want to import the form into from the quick-switch panel and select 'Add a new form'. In the pop-up:

  1. Select 'Import a Mobenzi form'.
  2. Select 'Browse' and find the XML form that you want to import on your hard drive. 
  3. Select 'Upload'.
  4. Once the form has uploaded successfully, a green notification will pop-up at the top of your screen. Your form will be highlighted in yellow and will be available in your console to use.

Note: Always review the form once it is imported to ensure that the logic is correct.