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Release notes - 2018-08-08

Reference Number: AA-02082 Last Updated: 2018-08-08 11:32

We recently updated the console with a cleaner look and feel. We've also tweaked the navigation slightly to make it clearer which tabs relate to a Project and which relate to a Form. We've outlined these changes and a few other key updates below.

Overall styling & Navigation

  • The overall look and feel of the Console has been updated to be cleaner and clearer.
  • We shifted the Project and Form headings to align with the tabs which relate to them.
  • The quick-switch panel, where you switch between your projects and forms, can now be accessed via the menu icon at the top-left of the screen.

  • We have renamed two of the tabs:
    • The People tab is now the Team tab.
    • The Fieldworkers tab is now the Assignments tab.
  • Most of the other functionality has remained the same, but there are a few more improvements as outlined below.

Project Dashboard

  • The buttons on the ribbon have been reduced to Project Overview, Manage Project and + New Form.
    • The Project Overview provides a summary of activity related to all Live and Draft forms in the project.
    • If you're looking for Completed or Archived forms, these are now only available via the quick-switch panel and are no longer accessible from the Project dashboard.
    • The functionality of Manage Project and + New Form remains as before.

Terminology changes

We've standardised the terminology used throughout the console as follow:

  • 'Question' is now referred to as 'Field'.
  • 'Survey' is now referred to as 'Form'.
  • 'Study' is now referred to as 'Project'.
  • Some small changes have been made to the field type names listed in the dropdown when adding a new field to your form.

Form Design Changes

  • We have made it easier to add new sections and new fields to your form by adding Add Section and Add Field buttons.
  • The icon displayed at the top-left of a section to expand and collapse it has changed

  • The dropdown menus for fields and sections are now accessed by clicking either the gear (cog) icon or the field or section name itself. For consistency, there is no longer a default action when clicking a section or field name.

  • You can now be able to change the status of your form directly from the Design tab:
    • For a Draft form, you can select “Publish” to make it Live
    • For a Live form, you can select “Change form status” to change it to Draft, Archived or Complete

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