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Download and install the mobile software

Reference Number: AA-01592 Last Updated: 2017-08-10 18:19
Mobenzi Researcher is packaged as a Mobenzi Gateway plugin

The Mobenzi Researcher application is deployed as a plugin via Mobenzi Gateway and is supported by all Android smartphones and tablets running 4.0.3 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") or later.

Check the device meets the minimum requirements

  1. The device must have Android version 4.0.3 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") or above installed.
  2. The device must have access to the internet (GPRS, 3G, EDGE or WiFi connectivity is enabled). Enabling mobile data connectivity varies depending on the type of handset you are using. You should contact your mobile network service provider if you are having trouble connecting to the internet.
  3. If you are using mobile data connectivity, ensure the device has sufficient airtime/data to download the Mobenzi Gateway application and Mobenzi Researcher plugin.
  4. Ensure the device can download applications from outside the Google Play Store. Go to: "Settings", "App" or "Security" and check the option to allow "Unknown sources".

Download and install

  1. Open the web browser on the device and navigate to
  2. Read the instructions displayed and tap on the download link.
  3. The Mobenzi Gateway application will begin to download. Once downloaded, tap on the filename in the notifications menu to install:

  4. Proceed with the installation (you may need to allow "Untrusted sources" from the device's security settings if you have not already done so):

  5. Complete the installation then open Mobenzi Gateway. The setup wizard will be displayed. Choose "Mobenzi Researcher" as the setup type.

  6. Tap on "Mobenzi Researcher" to download the latest version of the Mobenzi Researcher plugin. You may be prompted to uninstall any incompatible previous versions of Mobenzi Researcher before being allowed to continue. If you remove a previous version of Mobenzi Researcher, please ensure you allow pending submissions to upload first.

  7. Once downloaded, you will be prompted to install Mobenzi Researcher.
  8. Once installed, the wizard will complete the setup and the Mobenzi Mobile Data Collection interface will display:

  9. Open Mobenzi Researcher by tapping on the icon. If the handset is not yet linked to an account, you will be required to enter or scan a setup code. This should have been provided to you - if not, contact the administrator responsible for your Mobenzi account. If the handset has already been linked to an account, you will skip automatically to step 11. 

  10. Enter (or scan) the setup code. 

  11. Then provide your name and device information (if required) and tap "Done" to complete the Mobenzi Researcher installation process.

  12. Mobenzi Researcher will open. Follow any instructions to download surveys assigned to you.

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