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Handset setup wizard

Reference Number: AA-01461 Last Updated: 2017-04-03 16:45

The handset setup wizard provides a mechanism for handsets and fieldworkers to be linked to a study without having to be manually added via the web console. Fieldworkers can enter or scan a unique setup code (generated by the system) into the Mobenzi Gateway application during setup which will:

  • Add the handset to your account if it is not already linked to another account.
  • Add the fieldworker to your account and assign the handset to them (the fieldworker will be prompted for their name during the setup process).
  • Assign selected surveys to the fieldworker.

Configuring the setup wizard

From the "Manage Study" screen, select "Handset setup wizard". Remember that each study can have its own setup wizard. To generate the setup wizard (and corresponding setup code), all you need to do is decide which surveys (if any) from the study should be assigned by default to the fieldworker who uses the setup wizard. Once you have made your selection, click "Save Changes". 

When you save the setup wizard, a setup code will be generated which the fieldworker can enter during setup (along with a QR code which they can scan instead). You must share this code with your fieldworkers (e.g. during training).

If your setup code has been compromised you can generate a new one - please note that the old setup code will become invalid and will no longer work. Click "Regenerate" and confirm to produce a new setup code and invalidate the old one.

On the device

From a fieldworker's perspective, once the setup wizard had been configured, the process of downloading and installing the Mobenzi app is unchanged, except for steps 4, 5 and 6 which will automatically execute if the device is not already linked to an account:

  1. Download Mobenzi Gateway.
  2. Select "Mobenzi Researcher" from setup wizard and wait for the Mobenzi Mobile Data Collection interface to display.
  3. Select Mobenzi Researcher icon.
  4. If the handset does not exist on the web console, the fieldworker will be prompted to enter or scan QR code (the one you generated).
  5. The fieldworker will be prompted to enter their name (which will be used when adding the fieldworker to your account).
  6. The handset will be added to your account and assigned to study/survey(s) as per setup wizard.
  7. The Mobenzi Researcher plugin will open and check for updates, downloading the assigned surveys.

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