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Release notes - 2016.03.02

Reference Number: AA-00568 Last Updated: 2016-07-08 17:11

Release Notes - 2016.03.02

This release is focused on the announcement of Mobenzi Gateway - the latest addition to our technology stack. The Mobenzi Gateway mobile app now forms the foundation for all of our existing offerings (including Mobenzi Researcher) as well as our next generation of functionality and capabilities.

Mobenzi Researcher now packaged as Mobenzi Gateway plugin

If you currently use Mobenzi Researcher for data collection you’ll be aware that it is currently packaged as a standalone mobile application which must be downloaded and installed. Moving forward, Mobenzi Gateway will simplify how you provision and upgrade Mobenzi apps (including Mobenzi Researcher). Read more on how the simplified provisioning process works

There are numerous other reasons to upgrade your devices to use Mobenzi Gateway. Here are a few of the most important:

  • You can now invoke survey updates remotely through the new and improved fieldworker assignment screen. You can also now easily filter fieldworkers and bulk assign/unassign surveys.
  • Version upgrades to the Mobenzi Researcher plugin can now be automated. When an outdated version of the plugin is decommissioned, Gateway will guide fieldworkers through the upgrade process before allowing them to continue with data collection. Fieldworkers are also able to download software version updates if they aren’t running the latest version.
  • Enjoy greater device control with kiosk mode. This mode helps prevent the fieldworker from easily accessing other device functionality and applications or inadvertently changing device settings.
  • Incorporate enhanced controls into your surveys and forms. These controls can replace / augment the standard question types available to provide for more elegant and sophisticated data entry. Examples of enhanced survey controls include Option List Hierarchy, Advanced Multiselect List and Signature Capture.
  • Fieldworkers are warned if they are in flight mode or have disabled mobile data.
  • Help content is now incorporated into the mobile app. This will be expanded in the coming weeks.

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