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Reference Number: AA-00517 Last Updated: 2016-04-01 13:11
Android only. Version 4.13.2+ required

Operators depend on which version of the mobile application is currently installed on the device. The MENUACTION operator is available from version 4.13.2+ of the Android mobile application. 

Go to the Operator Overview to check the availability of other operators. If required, you can re-provision the device to download the latest version.

By configuring a custom menu for a question, you can add advanced functionality to your survey - such as launching third-party applications. These custom menus can include any number of menu actions which are listed in the "Options" menu available whilst the survey is in progress. Using the MENUACTION operator, you can create shortcuts to these menu items so the fieldworker can quickly launch the associated menu action without having to open the Options menu. The shortcut is rendered as a button on the mobile application and you can configure the button label as you wish.



Advanced syntax (available from version 5.2.0)

By appending an optional boolean (true/false) parameter to the menu action operator it is possible to make it auto open on navigating to it, preventing the user from having to manually select it.


Auto execute can be true or false e.g. __{MENUACTION(test,open test,1)}__  or __{MENUACTION(test,open test,true)}__


In the example below, there are two existing menu items configured called "Launch URL" and "QR Scanner". The MENUACTION operator has been used twice to create shortcuts which are displayed as part of the question.

The fieldworker is quickly able to execute either menu option be tapping on the shortcut which corresponds to the action they wish to perform. The fieldworker is still able to select the relevant action from the Options menu.

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